Protect Belmont's Natural Wildlife Habitat

Help prevent Belmont Hill School from destroying woodland
to build a parking lot

What is going on?

Belmont Hill School has is destroying trees and clearcutting a 7 acre forest to build a 150 car parking lot and private gas station. The proposal can be found here.

After a  court ruling in favor of the neighbors, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)  is planning to visit and assess the site. But the school has started cutting down trees already without waiting for the DEP assessment!





The woodland being destroyed extends from Clifton Street to Park Avenue between Rutledge Road and Prospect Street. 

Current Land use

Google maps image. See location here

Proposed Land use

Approximate scope of parking lot

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We are currently appealing the decision to the Department of Environmental Protection. The goal is to get a proper environmental assessment done.  We are also appealing the Planning Board decision to Land court.  These efforts have a good chance of success, but cannot continue without support from the community. Please consider giving to the campaign. 

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