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Over 300 letters have been sent in to the Belmont Planning Board and Select Board

Letters from Sep 9 to Sep 12, 2022

Letters from Sep 13 to Oct 3, 2022

Letters from Oct 4 to Oct 14, 2022

Letters from Oct 15 to Oct 31, 2022

Letters from Nov 1 to Nov 14, 2022

Letters from Nov 15 to Nov 31, 2022

Letters from Dec 1 to Dec 31, 2022

The following set of letters includes around 150 asking for a Developmental Impact Report:

Letters from Jan 1 to Jan 31, 2023

Letters from Feb 1 to Feb 28, 2023

Letters from March 1 to April 11

In addition 10-20 letters were sent to the Select Board in the first week of March, 2023 asking for the resignation of Planning Board Chair Matt Lowrie. Most of the letters are not available. 

The following letter was sent to the Planning Board on Nov 14, 2022

Dear Belmont Planning Board,

We are writing to oppose the proposal by The Belmont Hill School to destroy a woodland to build a parking lot and maintenance facility. This proposal, if approved, would devastate a vibrant natural ecosystem, disrupt a peaceful neighborhood, create pollution, and exacerbate traffic. The project is not in line with the environmental concerns of the community, the country or the planet. The scale is totally inappropriate.

Please reject their proposal. Tell the Belmont Hill School to find a way to use their land in a reasonable, sustainable and environmentally friendly way, consistent with the values of Belmont.

Below are signatures and comments from 1000 Belmont residents. Each marker in the map is at the home of someone who signed the petition.