Signing the petition

To sign the petition, go to

On the right side of the screen is the place you sign. It looks like this

If you see this, just fill out your name and email and edit the town if you need to then click the red button. It will ask you to support other things, but after you click the red button you have signed and can just quit after that.

If you already have account you will see this on the right. Then fill out a comment if you want to leave a comment or just click the red box

If you don't see either you may need to scroll sideways on your phone or screen, or decrease the font size. One of the two options should be there.

In general, if you want to leave a comment you need an account on Creating one just takes a second.

If you are trying to have multiple people sign on the same browser it won't let you. To have multiple people sign from the same machine there are many things you can

  • sign out after the first person signs

  • sign out of your account

  • use a different browser

  • use a private browsing window (option-shift-N or ctrl-shift-N) and sign there

If you have other questions, please email us at