Next Planning Board meeting is Tuesday, Feb 7 at 7pm EST

1-17-23: article by Scott Van Voorhis in Contrarian Boston

Planning board meeting Jan 10

Jan 3, 2023: Justin Roe discusses School Claims Parking is “Educational Use” in Belmont Citizens Forum:

Planning board meeting Dec 20

Planning board meeting Dec 6:

  • Recording is here

  • Lowrie discussed development Impact Report, timeline of construction, and Dover amendment were discussed.

  • School explained that they are short 29 spaces if all 277 (approx 135 staff + 142 students) park simultaneously on campus. With the Arlinton lot they currently have 21 spaces extra.

  • Wes Austin (an abutter) presented comparison of parking needs to other comparable schools

  • Justin Roe (an abutter) discussed problems with the maintenance facility and discussed problems with the trucks they plan to park there

  • Belmont hill school already has more parking per student than any of its peer schools